We are authorized distributors for Grainger, arguably the #1 Global Industrial MRO Supplier We understand how challenging the procurement process for thousands of MRO items can be for our customers. To solve that, we truly offer our customers - ONE-VENDOR CONVENIENCE, with access to over 700,000+ MRO items, we are almost certain we can have all your MRO requirements fulfilled. We understand our customers are not only price conscious but also need quality products, with access to Grainger exclusive brands we can provide you with the optimal price/quality mix. Most importantly, with our supply chain expertise, we strive to ensure you receive the right product at the right time every time.

Featured Brands

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Safety & Security

Safety and security

Comprehensive range of Industrial Safety & Personal Protection Equipmentconforming to International Standards.

  • Hazmat Storage & Handling Products: Disposal & Safety Cans, Cabinets, Carts, Cease-fire receptacles, Faucets & Drum Accessories

  • Eyes Washers & Showers: Lab Type, Pedestal, Wall/Ceiling Mounted, Portable, Self-contained

  • Fire Fighting Equipments; Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Cabinets, Dry Chemicals, Foams & Additives, Pumps, Monitors, Nozzles & Hydrants, Protective Clothing, Hoods, Gloves & Boots

  • Safety Signs & Warning Tapes: Signs, Lights & Warning Devices, Traffic Control Products

  • Fall Protection: Safety Harness & Belts, Rail Walker Retractor, Protection Systems

  • First Aid: Industrial First-Aid kits, Bandages, Wound Cleansers, Antiseptics

  • Personal Protection: Head, Ear, Eye, Face protection, Protective Clothing, Foot, Hand & Respiratory protection

Industrial Supplies

grainger industrial supplies

  • Tools & Equipment: Hand, Power, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Precision Measuring and Leveling

  • Industrial Consumables: Cutting/Gridding Discs & Stones, Brushes, Wheel, Cup & End Wire Brushes Fasteners, Cleaners & Degreasers, Lubricants & Chemicals, Sealants & Adhesives, Rust Inhibitors & Spray Paints & HVAC Supplies

  • Piping Equipment & Tools: Pipe & Chain Wrenches, Soil Pipe tools, Vises, Flaring & Swaging tools.

  • Pipe Cutting & Beveling, Threading, Grooving, Bending and Drain Cleaning & Rodder machines

  • Welding Equipment: Welders, Transformers, Dry Rod, Ovens, Welding Electrodes & Wires, Gas Welding & Cutting equipment & Tools, Torches & Tips, Diffusers, Flash Arrestors.

Electrical & IT

Electrical and IT products

  • Electronics: Computers, Servers, Cameras, TVs, Tablets, Cell phones, Telephones, Network Devices & Accessories

  • Industrial & Commercial Appliances: Commercial Dishwasher, Dryers, Washing Machines, Microwaves and & Industrial Kitchen Equipment

  • Electrical Components: Conduits, Distribution Boxes, Enclosures, Transformers, Motors, Power Instrumentation & Control Cables, Standard & Explosion Proof Lighting & Accessories

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Conveyors belts, Robotics & Accessories, Test Instruments

Construction & Raw Materials

Construction & raw materials

Complete Range in all sizes, wall thicknesses, Grades & in Conformance to British, American & European standards.

  • Sections: British Universal Columns & Beams, European IPE, IPN, HEA, HEB, American Wide Flange (W Section)

  • Structural: Equal & Unequal angles, Flat, Round, Square. Hex, Shafting Bars, U-Channels. Hollow Sections

  • Sheets, Plates, Chequered Plates, Corrugated Expanded Metal & Cold Rolled Coils

  • Gratings & Stair Treads, Rebars

  • Wood: Lumber, Hard & Soft Wood, Exotic Timber Plywood, MDF, Veneer, Laminates & Cladding

Hoses & Hose Fittings

hoses and hose fittings

  • Hoses: Multipurpose Hoses for Oil, Air/Water, Fuel, Steam, Water delivery & Suction, Oil delivery & suction, Ducting, High pressure paint, Radiator, Hydraulic, PVC suction, Flexible metal & Hose assemblies

  • Hose fittings: Combination Nipples, Hose Mendors, Suction Hose couplings, Clamps, Single-lock, Double-lock couplings, Quick-disconnect couplings, Insert fittings, Push-on fittings, Worm-gear Clamps

  • Cam-Lock Fittings: Adaptors, Dust plugs, Dust caps, Locking handle coupler, ASA flange coupling, Spool Adaptors, Coupler Adapter, Special Military couplings, Gaskets.

  • Banding: Pneumatic, Electric, Manual, Strapping Machines, Tools and strapping

Instrumentation Controls

Instrumentation adn controls

  • Tubing: Bare, Electrically heated, preinsulated, Steam/Fluid Heated

  • Compression Fittings: Single/Double Ferrule, Tees, Elbows, couplings, Unions, Adaptors, Connectors & Bushings

  • Valves: Actuated Ball valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Plug Valves, Needle valves, Excess Flow valves, Toggle & Diaphram valves

  • Manifold & Gauge valves: Flanged & primary, Instrument, Secondary isolation, Transmitter manifolds, Air header Manifolds, Bleeding Gauge valves, Direct mount manifolds, Remote mount manifolds.

  • Pressure & Temperature indicators: Standard, Industrial, SS, Liquid filled, Process, test, Precision test, Seal, Low pressure and receiver gauges.

  • Bimetal Thermometers, Thermowells & Thermo Couplers

  • Pressure Calibrators: Dead weight Testers, Pressure Indicators, Time & Pressure Recorder, Vacuum & Pressure Field Calibrator

Pipeline & Ancillaries

PIpeline and ancillaries

  • Strainers: Y & Tee, Simplex, Duplex, Basket, Temporary Conical, Plate & Angle in Threaded SW, Flanges & BW ends.

  • Steam Traps: Thermostatic, Float and Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket, Thermo dynamic, Bimetallic Thermostatic in Threaded & SW ends.

  • Safety Relief valves, Control valves, Regulators condensate pumps, Desuperheaters and Noise treatment.

  • Sight Glasses: Tube, Dome, Single & Double window in Threaded, SW & flanged ends

  • Back Flow Preventers: Top-Entry check and double check valve, Dual check valves in Threaded and Flanged ends

  • Rupture Discs: Forward & reversing acting with extensive sizes, Rupture Pressure & Temperature Range

  • Flow Meters: Orifice plate Vortex with extensive size range

  • Level Gauges: Flat Glass, Reflex & Transparent

  • Misc. Ancilliaries: Boiler-Blow-down System, Orifice plates, Sample cooler, Diffusers, Separators Flange & Bolt protector, Casing insulators & End seals, Explosion Vents, Disc monitors & holders.

Pipeline Repair & Maintenance

pipeline repair and maintenance

  • Pipeline Pigs: Cleaning, Batching, Gauging Poly & Bidirectional

  • Pipeline Stoppers & Plugs: Bidirectional, Expandable drain, Expanding Inflatable Air Bags Inflatable pipeline spheres

  • Pig launchers & Receivers, Pig Passage Indicators, Monitors & Closures

  • Weld End Couplings, Riser type welds, Flanged Ends, Split & Clamped Sleeves, Smith clamps, Flange Repair Rings, Hot Tapping Saddles, plugs.

  • Pipeline Coatings and Coating systems

  • Pipe Wrapping Tapes and Machines, Shrink Sleeves and Rock shield

  • Pipe Insulations: Rockwood, Fibreglass, Calcium silicate, Foam, Mineral Wool, Aluminum Cladding

  • Construction Chemicals: Grouts & Anchors, Sealants, Adhesives, Protective coatings, Admixtures and Surface treatments for cement based Mortars and Concrete Water Proofing

  • Paints: Industrial, Marine, Offshore, Construction, Industrial Coating & Primers.