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No.1 Oil, Industrial & Construction Equipment Store

Industries Served

We are market leaders in providing supplies and solutions across critical industrial and energy markets. We cater to diverse mid-sized projects as well as to the largest & toughest engineering projects. We create impact and value across several industries from start to finish- from exploring & extracting energy, transporting it across pipelines, to refining it to fuel the economy. Our commitment towards creating a better tomorrow, aligns with our focus on renewable energy and innovation across industries. The depth and breadth of projects we cater to does not end at energy. We also partner with contractors, engineering firms and end-users on diverse construction and industrial initiatives. From building complex infrastructure developments, providing material handling solutions on ports, to ensuring safe drinking water- Inter Equipment is there to make it all happen.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas - Upstream
  • Upstream:

    Conventional, shale & tar Projects, Onshore & offshore drilling, Exploration & Production Facilities, Central Processing Facilities (CPFs) Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs), Platforms & Wells, Wet Crude Handling Facilities, Water Injection & Stabilization Facilities, Operations & Maintenance Facilities

  • Midstream:

    Engineering & Project Management, Construction, Operation & Maintenance, Pipeline & Pumping Station Facilities, Oil/Gas Tanker, Rail, Barge & Truck Facilitators, Storage Facilities, Retail & Distribution Facilities

  • Downstream

    Petrochemical Complexes & Chemical plants, Oil Refineries, Gas Purification Units, Fertilizer Plants, Plastic & Polymer Plants, Asphalt Plants

Water & Gas

Water & Power

Water & Power
  • Water:

    Water Desalination, Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Renewable Energy:

    Hydro, Geothermal, Solar, Waste to Energy, Wind & Integrated Renewable Projects

  • Conventional Power Plants:

    Diesel & Biofuel, Steam, Gas Combined Cycle, CO Generation, Coal Gasification & Nuclear

Water & Power

Mining & Metals

  • Metal Processing:

    Steel & Metal Rolling Mills, Aluminum Smelter Plants

  • Metal Mining

    Copper, Chromium, Cobalt, Gold, Graphite, Iron, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Tin, Titanium, Zinc Mining & Construction

  • Mineral Mining:

    Calcium Carbonate, Coal, Diamond, Industrial Minerals, Oil shale , Potash Mining & Construction

Mining & Metals

Manufacturing & Production

manufacturing & production
  • Industrial Plants:

    Cement Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Food Processing Facilities

    Sugar Plants, Flour & Rice Mills, Beverages Processing Facilities

  • Shipyards:

    Shipbuilding & Repair, Marine Platforms

Manufacturing & Production

Construction & Infrastructure

  • Real-Estate:

    Commercial, Residential, Retail & Industrial Project

  • Aviation:

    Airports, Cargo Handling Facilities, Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Centers.

  • Ground:

    Road Building, Bridges/Tunnels & Rails

  • Sea:

    Seaport, Cargo Handling & Port Authorities

Construction & Infrastructure

Government Agencies & Institutions

Goverment & Agencies
  • Ministries & Government Departments:

    Public Works, Defense, Energy, Interior, Health, Environment & Water, Roads & Transport, Civil Aviation, & Police

  • International Agencies:

    NGOs & Inter-Governmental Organizations, Aid Agencies, Federal Agencies & Contractors

  • Institutions:

    Hospitals, Universities, Hotels, & Multinational Institutions

Government Agencies & Institutions