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Become an approved Vendor

Manufacturing quality products? Have untapped market(s)? or you just need a better Distributor/reseller? We partner with only the best manufacturers who share the same vision of fueling engineering projects with excellence. We are pre-approved vendors with over 500 end-users, in 40+ countries, across the energy and industrial markets.

We work with professional companies, who manufacture quality products. Some of our existing approved vendors have been with us since our inception in 1989. We believe in strong partnerships that work not just for many years, but for generations to come. Mutual respect, great communication, strategic planning and proactive approach to doing business- are key ingredients for successful partnerships.

So tell us about yourself, your company and the products & services you offer. The more you tell us, the better we can match, plan and succeed together

  • If approved, we can list your products on our website

    If you fulfill our requirements. You should tell us about your company and products. The more you tell us the better we can make a match and get your product out there fast.

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Minimum Requirement

We have certain ethical & professional expectations from the companies who intend join our Strategic Partner Network. The products & solutions we market and distribute come with our integrity to do business responsibly. We take pride in retaining vendor agreements, some relationships as old as 25 years. We do our due diligence on our vendors, and selectively choose only the best of companies. Kindly ensure you are in compliance with these minimum requirements.

  • 1. Legal Compliance

    It is essential that a supplier adheres by and complies with its respective jurisdiction(s) wherever it manufactures, operates, transacts, sub-contracts and/or packages their product(s).

  • 2. Labor Rights

    All personnel, employed and/or subcontracted, must not be forcefully employeed. Unpaid labor, child-labor, slavery or indentured labor is not acceptable. Working hours must not be excessive and should be in compliance with applicable law of the respective jurisdiction(s). Hiring, firing, training, promotion and compensation must be on the basis of merit. We strongly suggest that compensation packages be fair according to local industry market values.

  • 3. Labor Health & Safety

    A safe working environment is a pre-requisite for us. Supplier must ensure health and safety standards are met and potentials safety hazards at work are actively eliminated. Safety is a priority across our supply chain.

  • 4. Environment

    Suppliers must be compliant with environmental laws wherever it manufactures, operates, transacts, sub-contracts and/or packages its products. As per jurisdictory requirements, waste disposal, toxic waste handling, and emissions must be in compliance.

  • 5. Business Integrity

    Supplier must not offer lucrative Gifts and entertainment to Inter Equipment staff members and its representatives or resellers. Unethical behavior such as bribery, and unethical business practices are not tolerated.

  • 7. Quality & Standards Compliance

    We may require product test reports, certificates of conformities and other relevant test data to ensure quality. The products we market and distribute come with our quality guarantee. In order for us to deliver quality, the checks and controls start at raw material selection and quality control from production start-to-end.