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No.1 Oil, Industrial & Construction Equipment Store

Company Overview

Inter Equipment is a team of doers. We don’t believe in trying, we believe in getting things done. Our teams of professionals and engineers are passionate about delivering optimal supplies and solutions across critical industrial and energy markets. We are market leaders as we cater not only to diverse mid-sized projects, but also to the largest & toughest engineering projects. We create impact and value across several industries from start to finish- catering to Oil & Gas, Water & Power, Mining & Minerals, Manufacturing & Production, Construction & Infrastructure, Government & Agencies and various other industrial projects.

We connect the World’s leading quality products with the World’s most challenging engineering initiatives. At Inter Equipment, our diverse range of products enables us to cater to all your procurement needs. We don’t just sell products, we deliver the ultimate customer experience. We create comprehensive tailor-made solutions ensuring delivery at the right time- every time. Our emphasis on supply-chain management, inventory solutions and effective logistics makes us the vendor of your choice. Our engineering & design team, repair & maintenance service center, valve automation center and custom product center are just some of the many support systems we offer to our customers.

We realize that products and solutions must be of the highest quality and standard. Our commitment to quality is reflected by our quality, health, safety management systems that comply and exceed ISO & OHSAS standards. This has helped us earn a reputation of being a Leading Stockist, Distributor & Solution provider.

We believe in continuous improvement. Our dedication to innovation & technology is not just our digital strategy but it is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We strongly believe in using the latest systems and technologies for automating various processes to increase efficiency and eliminate human error. With such initiatives we are able to monitor real-time inventory, track shipments statuses, and provide eProcurement solutions to allow customers to be in complete control over their projects.

We are enabling engineering successes and fueling them with excellence since 1989. We are Inter Equipment.

Professionals at Work

Imagine a multidisciplinary team of doers- with exceptional qualifications from all walks of life. We are a 150+ strong team of professionals, including 60+ Qualified Engineers, specialized in Mechanical, Metallurgical, Chemical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Electronics engineering. With professionals in such diverse fields, you can be at ease knowing that your project needs are being met by experts in your field. We not only understand your needs, but are also committed in exceeding your expectations. We deliver to you the right options, right products, right solutions, at the right time.

Our people are our greatest strength. We believe in hiring the best talent and developing leaders. We equip our people with state-of-the-art training, cutting-edge technology and quality management systems, enabling them to resolve complex challenges. Communication and collaboration are key drivers in our passion for problem-solving, creating immense value for the projects we serve. Our mission-driven culture motivates our people to get things done with the integrity to do it responsibly.

Structured Teamwork

At Inter Equipment, we inspire synergies. We are ready to take on any challenge. Our people are our driving force- together we are motivated to exceed your expectations, creating real value for your business. At Inter Equipment, we have six core business units, which are independent, yet integrated. Using our talent management processes, we have devised specialized teams across each business unit, which includes product and regional specialists. These specialists not only understand the fundamentals but also are able to resolve the most technical of challenges.

Our functional units form our backbone, ensuring core business units perform in synchronization to give you the complete integrated Inter Equipment experience.They combine the best talent & technology, state of the-art supply chain and innovation in marketing, and hence fueling our corporate sustainability.

Our foundation is based on Creativity, Commitment, and Conduct. We are committed to creating immense value for our customer. We empower our teams to find breakthrough purpose-driven innovative solutions, hence we can consistently deliver the ultimate customer experience. We believe we can, and we do.

Quality Assurance & Control

Quality is everything. We understand our customer needs for reliable quality products at competitive prices. Our products & solutions come with the Inter Equipment Quality Guarantee. Our stringent Total Quality Management systems enable us to comply and exceed ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards. Using our advanced systems, our inspection team follows a four-level quality inspection program conducting detailed quality checks and controls, ensuring products are of the highest quality and as per the specifications & requirements of the customer.

Our non-conformance management team uses smart devices with mobile apps for electronic reporting, in order to mitigate turnaround time and reach our zero non-compliance target. We believe in communicating effectively in order to limit impact and find solutions at the earliest. Our commitment in quality is reflected through our investment into quality management systems.

Health & Safety Program

We care about our people and the people who use our products & solutions. We do not compromise on safety, and are focused on achieving our zero-accidents target. A safe work environment is a prerequisite for us, we comply and exceed OHSAS (Occupational Health and safety) 18001 standard.

Inter Equipment is committed to create a safe and accident-free work environment for its employees. We provide our employees with safety training & development, taking all the necessary preventive measures to maintain a safe-working environment. Our safety concerns don’t just start and end at Inter Equipment, we also spread the message of safety across our value chain.

Extensive Product Range

Whether it’s an exotic API 6A wellhead valve or a bullet-proof SUV for your next trip to the project site, we have it all. Our large breadth and depth of products are available to cater to your diverse engineering project needs. We have product specialists to understand your needs and assist you with getting the right product alongwith all the support you need. Finding what you need has never been easier; explore our products and order them on

Leading Stockist & Distributor

Being a vendor of choice comes with having the right product at the right time. At Inter Equipment, our distribution facilities allow us to carry millions of dollars of inventory so we can fuel your engineering projects with excellence. We maintain stocks of critical and standard products so that they can be available to you at the earliest. We stock varied products across all our 22-product categories so you can count on us for quick availability.

Corporate Sustainability

Inter Equipment takes great pride in being recognized as a company that operates with integrity. With a 25-year proven and stable track record with our Vendors, Partners and Customers, we strive to implement best-practices that have a positive impact on our organization, stakeholders, as well as the community at large.

We serve diverse Industries, Markets and Clients. Our tremendous depth and breadth of quality products & solutions enable us to fuel excellence in the projects we serve. With our financial strength and organic sales growth, we are geared up for to achieve our Vision 2040 targets.

We believe in extending our gratitude to our community by becoming responsible citizens at work, motivating and educating employees to become proactive citizens. Our work practices and policies align with our vision of investing into a better future for our communities.

Integrated Managment Systems

We use the industry’s leading software and tools to effectively manage all our data and resources, so that we can serve you better. Our technology infrastructure help us strategically organize the large volume of customer requests we receive daily for our diverse product range from around the world. It also helps us assign your projects to specialized business units where they are handled by project managers, who are focused on identifying, analyzing and fulfilling all your project needs. Our streamlined processes, with systems and checks, are comprehensive and designed so that there is no compromise on quality, helping employees focus on creative problem-solving. We believe that processes should be simple and systematic, helping employees focus on customers, rather than on procedures.

Customer Inventory Managment

We are specialists in inventory planning & management. We are here to support you in controlling and maintaining your inventory at your preferred location(s) around the globe. We want you to have hassle-free inventory management so you can focus on your core business. Our skilled inventory specialists, optimal tracking tools and reporting systems, integrated with our software, are reasons why our clients rely on us. We ensure that your products are made available to you when and where you need them. Over time, with our inventory monitoring systems, we share analytical feedback and add value to further optimize your inventory management.

Specialist Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions to cater to your unique needs. From addressing core engineering & design challenges to complete production, fabrication and machining needs, we cover it all. Our service center and valve automation center are geared up to provide you with that edge so you can rely on Inter Equipment for the integrated Experience for all your engineering project needs.

Supply Chain Solutions

Have only 48-hours to get that specific part? Require Critical items for a turnaround at the plant next week? Need thousands of PVF & MRO line-items without the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers? It is time to sit-back and relax. Inter Equipment is here so that you can focus on your core business, as we take care of the rest. We begin with the end goal in the mind, focused on creating measurable business value for our customers.

We connect the World’s leading quality products with the World’s most challenging engineering initiatives. Our Strategic Network allows us to facilitate almost all the requirements of any engineering project. Our wide product range is readily delivered to you even in the most remote corners of the world. Our Global Logistical Network allows us to cater to over 40+ countries- whether it is across the deserts in Arabia & Africa or offshore rigs in the Caspian Sea- we deliver excellence. We take care of all your coordination & documentation formalities, handling your projects in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our packaging center ensures top quality packaging.

We provide our customers with complete control and visibility over their orders through our online customer portal. Our sophisticated e-tools allow our customers to stay updated with shipping, tracking and delivery reports. We believe in providing our customers with the right options, right products and right solutions at the right time- every time. Whatever the origins and destinations, whatever the products and services, Inter Equipment is your one-stop turnkey provider for all your supply chain needs.

Global Presence & Regional Support

A global organization that is local to you. We are around the globe, creating synergies and generating value for our customers. Our 10 strategic locations allows us to be close to production facilities and strategic logistical hubs, and allows to have access to a global pool of talent, so we can serve you better.

Our global talent are here to take ownership of your engineering project challenges. We pride ourselves in being problem-solvers, and cater to your support needs. Whether it’s on-site installation & commissioning or in-depth technical product support you need- we are merely a click or call away.

Financing & Leasing Solutions

Financing & Leasing SolutionsWhy buy a single machine? when you get a world-class fleet of machines. At Inter Equipment, we believe in providing optimal solutions to fuel your business with excellence. With our brilliant financing & leasing solutions, you can concentrate on winning, executing and completing projects. Our solutions makes world-class machinery affordable.

Our Leasing & Rental Fleet includes:

  • Financing Solutions
  • Leasing Solutions
  • Lease-to-own
  • Balloon Payment options
  • Finance / Leasing buyback option

Integrated Experience

We go beyond providing solutions- we deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience. Using industry best-practices and innovative proprietary processes, we are dedicated to provide the complete quality experience. We understand your needs; manage all your procurement, documentation, inventory & logistics- focused on getting things done smoothly. And it doesn’t stop there. We are just a click or call away for the all the resources and support you need. The Inter Equipment Integrated Experience (iX) is unparalleled to none. Every client of ours comes with their unique set of requirements and limitations and we are committed to providing them with the ultimate integrated customer experience, this time and every time.

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Our Story

Our journey begins back in 1989. When a young engineer decided to startup something special- all he had was his entrepreneurial instincts, industry experience, and a profound vision. His father gave him the direction and building blocks on which Inter Equipment stands on today. His golden words were- "you need not money son, you only need to be honest and trustworthy, all you need is your word." The father had defined the pre-requisite for sustainable good business practice, laying the platform for what Inter Equipment stands for today-global credibility.

The young man's passion for getting things done was the drive that made Inter Equipment transform from an idea into an institution. Being an engineer he realized how challenging projects are hindered by supply and solution gaps. With the young man's perseverance and grit, Inter Equipment has exponentially grown over the years with its passion for continuous improvement. But business does not start and end at business, it comes with a complete eco-system and set of responsibilities to fulfill. It takes strong belief in oneself, one's team and one's organization to withstand and overcome business challenges. Moreover, Inter Equipment's formula to success is the importance it gives to gratitude- to its people, its teams, its vendors, its partners, its customers, and nevertheless the Almighty. Giving back to society is an integral part of this expression of gratitude, transforming the Inter Equipment dream into a reality.


Our Mission & Vision

To be the Preferred Vendor for the World’s toughest engineering projects, by building long-term relationships with our clients and strengthening strategic alliances with our supply & logistical partners. Fueling value across Industrial & Energy Markets, through efficient buying, selling and delivery of optimal products & solutions. Enabling us to deliver the ultimate customer experience this time and every time.


Chairman’s Message

Believe and it becomes. One must be inspired by a great purpose and chase their vision. One must disregard the naysayers- the realists. They will tell you it is impossible; no one has ever done it before and you cannot do it either. But when your intention is clean, your vision is clear and you are honest to yourself, your role, your team, your organization, your purpose- indeed your success is guaranteed. This is what we have learnt over our 25-year journey. Evolving from a small startup to a global organization, we have dared to push beyond boundaries. Our grit, belief and gratitude have taken us beyond our imagination.

To further progress and grow, we must continue to be idealists who embrace change and transformation. We must continue to change for the better, fueling innovation in our people, teams, processes, business units, and stakeholders. We envision a better future, not only for our organization but also for the environment and the communities we impact. Our integrity to deliver with responsibility has earned us a reputation of being the number one Oilfield, Industrial & Construction Equipment Store. With our 25 years of experience, purpose-driven leadership, collaborative teams and cutting edge technology, we are set to consistently beat our only competition - our customer’s expectations. We are and we will continue to be solution-providers for the world’s toughest engineering projects.

We are the game changers- We are Inter Equipment.