About Inter Equipment


Inter Equipment is a team of doers. We don’t believe in trying, we believe in getting things done. Our teams of professionals and engineers are passionate about delivering optimal supplies and solutions across critical industrial and energy markets. We are market leaders as we cater not only to diverse mid-sized projects, but also to the largest & toughest engineering projects. We create impact and value across several industries from start to finish- catering to Oil & Gas, Water & Power, Mining & Minerals, Manufacturing & Production, Construction & Infrastructure, Government & Agencies and various other industrial projects.

We connect the World’s leading quality products with the World’s most challenging engineering initiatives. At Inter Equipment, our diverse range of products enables us to cater to all your procurement needs. We don’t just sell products, we deliver the ultimate customer experience. We create comprehensive tailor-made solutions ensuring delivery at the right time- every time. Our emphasis on supply-chain management, inventory solutions and effective logistics makes us the vendor of your choice. Our engineering & design team, repair & maintenance service center, valve automation center and custom product center are just some of the many support systems we offer to our customers.

We realize that products and solutions must be of the highest quality and standard. Our commitment to quality is reflected by our quality, health, safety management systems that comply and exceed ISO & OHSAS standards. This has helped us earn a reputation of being a Leading Stockist, Distributor & Solution provider.

We believe in continuous improvement. Our dedication to innovation & technology is not just our digital strategy but it is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We strongly believe in using the latest systems and technologies for automating various processes to increase efficiency and eliminate human error. With such initiatives we are able to monitor real-time inventory, track shipments statuses, and provide eProcurement solutions to allow customers to be in complete control over their projects.

We are enabling engineering successes and fueling them with excellence since 1989. We are Inter Equipment.


Our journey begins back in 1989. When a young engineer decided to startup something special- all he had was his entrepreneurial instincts, industry experience, and a profound vision. His father gave him the direction and building blocks on which Inter Equipment stands on today. His golden words were- "you need not money son, you only need to be honest and trustworthy, all you need is your word." The father had defined the pre-requisite for sustainable good business practice, laying the platform for what Inter Equipment stands for today-global credibility.

The young man's passion for getting things done was the drive that made Inter Equipment transform from an idea into an institution. Being an engineer he realized how challenging projects are hindered by supply and solution gaps. With the young man's perseverance and grit, Inter Equipment has exponentially grown over the years with its passion for continuous improvement. But business does not start and end at business, it comes with a complete eco-system and set of responsibilities to fulfill. It takes strong belief in oneself, one's team and one's organization to withstand and overcome business challenges. Moreover, Inter Equipment's formula to success is the importance it gives to gratitude- to its people, its teams, its vendors, its partners, its customers, and nevertheless the Almighty. Giving back to society is an integral part of this expression of gratitude, transforming the Inter Equipment dream into a reality.


Believe and it becomes. One must be inspired by a great purpose and chase their vision. One must disregard the naysayers- the realists. They will tell you it is impossible; no one has ever done it before and you cannot do it either. But when your intention is clean, your vision is clear and you are honest to yourself, your role, your team, your organization, your purpose- indeed your success is guaranteed. This is what we have learnt over our 25-year journey. Evolving from a small startup to a global organization, we have dared to push beyond boundaries. Our grit, belief and gratitude have taken us beyond our imagination.

To further progress and grow, we must continue to be idealists who embrace change and transformation. We must continue to change for the better, fueling innovation in our people, teams, processes, business units, and stakeholders. We envision a better future, not only for our organization but also for the environment and the communities we impact. Our integrity to deliver with responsibility has earned us a reputation of being the number one Oilfield, Industrial & Construction Equipment Store. With our 25 years of experience, purpose-driven leadership, collaborative teams and cutting edge technology, we are set to consistently beat our only competition - our customer’s expectations. We are and we will continue to be solution-providers for the world’s toughest engineering projects.

We are the game changers- We are Inter Equipment.